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“Super pretty, super slick, and very pleasing to use -- all apps should have such high levels of presentation!!”
— (App Store)
“The one to get! Absolutely brilliant, covers everything and so easy to use.”
— (App Store)
“The way it uses the iPhone interface just makes sense; why use a calculator style interface (although it does that too when you turn it on its side) when you can just slide the measure along with your finger? And the fact that you can use it as a speedometer gave it that final star. Brilliant.”
— (App Store)
“A stunning range. This is an excellent piece of kit: it converts everything you ever need and some units you don't know exist! Clear and easy to use, it's a snip at the price.”
— (App Store)
“I love this app and use it all the time! I live in Korea currently and probably use this about once a day. So far I have not been able to find a unit it would not convert. Great interface and beautiful design. Make sure to turn your iPhone sideways to get to the full list of conversions. Enjoy!”
— (App Store)
“Very user-friendly, great graphics, built-in instructional demo, takes advantage of landscape mode for other features.”
— (App Store)
“The most unique interface for conversions I have seen. The categories with the touch sliders are just a blast. [...] When you turn to landscape mode, you end up with just about all the conversions you will want.”
— (App Store)
“This is by far the fastest, best looking, and plain fun converter on the App Store.”
— (App Store)
“A gorgeous application! I had been using a rather lackluster, barebones program and stumbled on Unit. What a wonderful program. It's interface is beautiful and intuitive. You can see that the makers really put a lot of thought and care into the design and user experience. They've managed to make conversion software fun to use.”
— (App Store)