ProVoc Shortcuts

You can see many of the shortcuts for ProVoc next to the menu commands. Here are some additional shortcuts.

Shortcuts during training

Action Shortcut
Give solution ⌘G
Give hint Hold down Option (⌥) + click Give hint
Accept answer ⌘A
Mark or unmark word ⇧⌘F
Label word ⌘1, ⌘2, ⌘3, etc. (⌘0 to remove label)
Abort Esc
Finish Hold down Option (⌥) + click Finish
Pause ⌘P
Edit current word Hold down Option (⌥) + click Edit
Play question audio F1
Play answer audio F2
Display image in full size F3
Play movie F4
Play movie in full size ⌥F4 or ⇧F4

Shortcuts for multiple choices

Action Shortcut
Select choice 1, 2, 3, etc.
Select previous or next choice Up and Down arrow keys
Select a choice and verify it Double click the item
Play audio 0 or Space bar

Shortcuts during slideshow

Action Shortcut
Show next word Right arrow (or click)
Show previous word Left arrow
Play/pause slideshow Space bar

Shortcuts during editing

Action Shortcut
Delete words Select words and press Delete
Rearrange words Drag words in list
Delete lessons or chapters Select lessons or chapters and press Delete
Rearrange lessons or chapters Drag lessons or chapters in list
Move words to another lesson Drag words to the lesson list
Copy words or lessons Hold down Option (⌥) + Drag
Find words ⌘F
Find double entries ⌥⌘F
Add existing audio or picture file to word Drag file on word in list

Shortcuts for media

Action Shortcut
Play audio for source language F1
Play audio for target language F2
Display image in full size F3
Play movie F4
Play movie in full size ⌥F4 or ⇧F4
Exit full size display Esc
Record audio for source language ⌘F1
Record audio for target language ⌘F2
Capture image ⌘F3
Record movie ⌘F4