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ProVoc has been retired.

ProVoc is a free and easy-to-use vocabulary trainer that will help you quickly learn and efficiently train your vocabulary. Behind its simple and user-friendly interface, ProVoc offers a rich variety of unique features that will greatly help you improve your knowledge of any foreign language or technical terminology.


Discover how ProVoc will transform your Mac and your favorite accessories into a set of stunning educational tools. Click on the labels below to see the descriptions and the QuickTime demos:

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“I've found ProVoc as an incredibly useful application. Great job!”
— W.U.

Click on the labels above to discover great features of ProVoc

Add sound to your world

ProVoc not only helps you learn reading and writing a foreign language, but also allows to improve your pronunciation and oral understanding. Sounds like perfect to be used with your iPod, isn't it?

You can easily record audio for each word in any language (e.g. by using the built-in microphone of your Mac, or just by dragging an existing sound file). And during training, ProVoc can automatically play the recorded sounds for you. See it in action!

And for English, you don't even have to record any sound: ProVoc can speak words for you! See it in action!

Spotlight any word

Use Spotlight to find words across all ProVoc files on your computer, instantenously. Also, ProVoc automatically displays the result of your search when you open a file with Spotlight.

See it in action!

Rediscover your iPod as an amazing learning tool

1,000 words in your pocket: with ProVoc, you can easily send your vocabulary to your iPod and take it with you wherever you go, whenever you want...

You can use your iPod as vocabulary trainer (convenient for any travel), or as bilingual glossary (very useful abroad for instance). Or both, of course.

See it in action!

If a picture is worth thousand words...

Soon, almost any Mac will be equipped with an iSight: it's time to take advantage of it! With ProVoc, you can easily capture images, record video clips and include them into your vocabulary. Ideal to train your visual memory, to learn sign languages (see it in action!) or assimilate some technical terminology (see it in action!).

Enjoy your screen

ProVoc not only comes up with a great looking Aqua user interface, but also offers several beautiful and relaxing animated backgrounds during full screen training.

And because the backgrounds are just Quartz compositions, you can easily add different effects or even create your own stunning animations without writing a single line of code! Learn more

Easily create two-sided flash cards

With ProVoc, you can not only easily print your vocabulary as lists, but also on custom-sized, double-sided flash cards. Ideal to take with you (for instance in your wallet) and to repeat virtually anywhere!

And don't worry if your printer cannot print on both sides of the paper: ProVoc still offers a way to create double-sided cards...

Vocabulary on your Dashboard

The most difficult thing about learning a language is certainly to find time for it, isn't it? With the ProVoc widget, you can now use any spare minute to quickly repeat a bit of your vocabulary! Whenever you feel like, just hit F12 and train a couple a words... The ideal short break to take at any time!

See it in action!

Share your vocabulary across the Internet

ProVoc offers an ever increasing number of vocabulary files for download. They come in various languages and are created by users all over the world. Contribute too and submit instantly your vocabulary!

Intelligent and efficient training

ProVoc offers various methods to learn your vocabulary quickly and efficiently: multiple-choice questions, continuous mode of variable difficulty (where more difficult words are asked more often), etc. Also, you don't remember whether you entered "apple", "an apple", "the apple" or a synonym of it? Don't worry, ProVoc let you enter various synonyms, discard determinants or other facultative words, punctuation, case or accents.

See it in action!

And much more... for free!

Behind its simple interface, ProVoc offers many more features. During training for instance, press the Option key to unveil more useful features, such as correcting typos, giving a hint, etc.

ProVoc even offers a translation service available from any other application. See it in action!