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GraphClick has been retired.

User Comments

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“GraphClick answers a long-time need in an awesome way! Each iteration is getting more and more focused, with zero clutter and a very friendly interface: pristine OS X software!”
— J.P.
“Just wanted to say how useful GraphClick has been. I've used it many times as a graduate student. I'm in shock that it only cost me $8!”
— T.G.
“Allow me a moment to say that after years of working with DigitizeIt, DataReader, and Engauge, I think that GraphClick is the only program that actually got it right. It is such a relief to use a such an intuitive and yet powerful program. It is probably the first time I have ever purchased a program after only 4 minutes of using its demo. So, thank you for writing such an incredible program.”
— L.S.
“It is an excellent software. I used to use Datathief in its OS9 version, but this rocks!”
— V.S.
“Unique capability. Spectacular.”
— (MacUpdate)
“GraphClick is a terrific application. With it, I could "recover" data from charts I'd created long ago, but neglected to retain the underlying data. Moreover, I could discern the data underlying charts from publications, and then recreate these as required (with proper source attribution).”
— (VersionTracker)
“It works excellent and is low prized... a combination which is not provided by a lot of other software.”
— L.S.
“What a great product. Absolutely brilliant.”
— W.A. (Micronesia)
“Congratulations!! This is the software I was looking for to obtain human coordinates for biomechanics aplications.”
— R. A. (Spain)
“GraphClick is a great product! It was one of the fastest pieces of shareware that I registered after trying it out. Keep up the great work!”
— T.W.
“Great program. Thank you!”
— D.B. (US)
“Your product is great and I would be willing to pay $20-$50 for it.”
— E.G. (US)
“I am definitely buying a copy of this software.”
— B.B. (US)
“What a great utility!”
— F.A.
“The app works great! Nice work for a low price!”
— S.R. (US)
“Great tool. I have been looking for something like this to quickly digitize points.”
— C.S.
“This software is truly inspired!”
— D.M. (UK)
“I do a lot of extracting data from figures in my research and have used DataThief, Digitizeit, DataReader, and/or Digitizer almost every day for the past 15 years or more. GraphClick is the best and has the best potential.”
— B.M. (Canada)
“This software is really cool!”
— B.H. (UK)
“Love Graph Click. I have been looking for something like this for a while.”
— P.G.
“GraphClick is the only software able to use completly distorted axis. Very very good software.”
— M.G. (France)
“It is a pleasure to see how GraphClick is becoming more and more professional. It is definitely one of the coolest, as well as useful, scientific applications around. I will pay the $8 gladly; I think it worth much more... Highly recommended!”
— A.D. (Israel)
“I have used dataThief and digiMatic for many years to digitize graphs. This is the first OS X version that can replace those classic apps.”
— W.S. (US)
“Outstanding. I tested this on several x-y plot images where I've wanted the "raw" data awhile, and this app did a superb job of extracting the numbers.”
— (MacUpdate)
“Best freeware I've seen in ages... This little app is now in my bag of essential data tools. Lovely smooth interface and basic feature set is there.”
— (VersionTracker)
“Here comes this masterpiece GraphClick. My first impression from this application is fantastic. It works beautifully, and the list of points produced is easily recognized by (say) Kaleidagraph for further treatment.”
— A.D. (Israel)